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At Temple Mill we aim to provide a high-quality physical education curriculum that inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities, as well as being physically healthy and understanding the needs of their bodies. Through our staff’s wide use of ambitious and sport-specific vocabulary, our pupils are given the tools to reflect upon and discuss the sports in detail, and to develop the skills to become coaches and mentors to their peers by giving commentary on success and areas for improvement. We strive to develop athletes who are keen sportspeople, but who also show the qualities of good sportsmanship and fair play to both their peers within school, and to their competitors outside of it.

To complement our curriculum within school, we have increased our focus on opportunities for pupils to experience sports at outside events, competing against other schools in a variety of sports through the Mini Youth Games programme and the Howard School Sports Partnership. We have also got a number of spotlight events throughout the school year, using external charities, companies and athletes to bring sport to life for the children and to showcase the realities of physical sports.

Curriculum Overview