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  • 29/09/23

    Recycling Champions!

    Have you heard about our pen recycling scheme?
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  • 28/09/23

    Tri-Golf Tournament

    Some year 3 & 4 pupils attended a Tri-Golf tournament at The Howard School in Rainham.
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  • 19/07/23

    A New Motto

    We are proud to present the final phase of our Head Pupils' Motto competition. You will recall that after a whole school challenge and whole school vote, the motto selected was "Give your best, expect success!" as suggested by Phoebe. It has now been immortalised in some new signage...
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  • 03/06/23

    Building Bridges

    As part of their learning about bridges and towers in Science this term, Year 4 had the challenge of creating a bridge using only spaghetti and marshmallows. They created different shapes first and carried out comparative tests to find out which one would keep its shape best. They looked at the p...
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  • 25/03/23

    Inclusion Project - Larkin Farm

    Yesterday, Year 4 visited Larkin Farm with children from Abbey Court as part of the Inclusion project. They worked in the polytunnel planting their own sunflowers seeds, went on a tour of the farm and then had the opportunity to study chicken and duck eggs close up. The children were lucky enoug...
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  • 20/01/23

    iRock Assemblies

    We have had two fantastic interactive assemblies with Rory from iRock!
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  • 05/12/22

    Aliens & Spacemen in School

    Years 1, 2 & 5 were visited by the author James Jefferson during Term 2.
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  • 28/11/22

    Maidstone Museum Visit

    Years 3, 4 and 6 visited Maidstone Museum this term to further their learning. Year 6 explored the museum, learning about how Maidstone was impacted during WW2 and the worst day of bombing which they called 'Black Friday'. They also found out where the West Kent Battalions were...
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  • 18/11/22

    MAT Summary Evaluation

    THAT celebrate a successful MAT Summary Evaluation!
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  • 08/10/22

    Harvest Celebrations 2022

    We had our Harvest celebrations as part of our usual Celebration Assembly, the children looked bright and colourful in their own clothes, and it was especially nice to see so many outfits in autumnal colours.
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  • 08/10/22

    The Dogs Trust

    This week we were visited by Philip from The Dog’s Trust.
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  • 08/10/22

    Bikeability - Autumn 2022

    8 children from Year 6 took part in the Bikeability course in October 2022.
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