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  • 20/05/24

    Officially Rated "Good"

    We are thrilled to announce that Temple Mill Primary School continues to be a “Good” school in our recent Ofsted inspection, maintaining our previous inspection result! Temple Mill Primary School joined The Howard Academy Trust in December 2015 and has served the Strood community...
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  • 01/03/24

    Larkin Farm Visit

    We are taking groups of children to visit Larkin Farm at Abbey Court School. We were given a tour of the farm and this time we met the sheep, went into the chicken coop and fed the alpacas. We also met some of the children and staff from Abbey Court who made us feel really welcome. The 12 childre...
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  • 23/02/24

    Holiday Eco Challenge

    Before we broke up, our House Captains set a Holiday Challenge to create something to promote ways for us to protect our environment. We had a huge number of entries and they were amazing! The judging was incredibly difficult as there was such a great variety: there were poems, posters, models, c...
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  • 01/02/24

    Slingshot Cars

    Year 4 have been creating their own slingshot cars this week. They used lolly sticks and a hot glue gun to begin building the chassis for their car. Next week they will be adding wheels and using their planned designs and annotations to finish their product. There will be a slingshot car race at the...
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  • 17/11/23

    Reptile Visit

    We recently invited RDJ Reptiles to bring some animals into Year 3 so that we could continue our learning about skeletons and muscles. Jay spoke to us all about Savannah Monitors, Bearded Dragons, Chameleons, Boa Constrictors and Burmese Pythons. We had a chance to feel how snakes move their bodies...
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  • 17/11/23

    Victorian Day

    On Tuesday, Lions class dressed up and had an experience day as Victorians. Children were given new names, chalk and chants to learn. Mrs Champness played the part of the strict school mistress; inspecting cleanliness of hands, teaching the rules, taking drill, making gruel, and walking about with t...
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  • 20/10/23

    Come Dine With Year 6

    Year 6 competed in a 3 week ‘Come Dine With Me’ competition, where they had the opportunity to enhance their cooking skills, whilst responding to task requirements. On week one, pupils were challenged with making a starter which had to include pepper. We had peppers stuffed with mozzarel...
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  • 06/10/23

    Ambulance Service Visit

    Earlier this week, Early Years invited a member of the local ambulance services into class to show the children how to contact emergency services in case of need, ensuring their safety and well-being. They also learned about various types of vehicles used by the ambulance service and had some han...
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  • 29/09/23

    Recycling Champions!

    Have you heard about our pen recycling scheme?
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  • 28/09/23

    Tri-Golf Tournament

    Some year 3 & 4 pupils attended a Tri-Golf tournament at The Howard School in Rainham.
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  • 14/09/23

    School Library

    Our school library has had a transformation over the summer and the scanning system is now up and running. From next week the library will be open after school 2 days a week for children to visit and swap their books. Some of the children have already been engrossed in the books and reading!
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  • 19/07/23

    A New Motto

    We are proud to present the final phase of our Head Pupils' Motto competition. You will recall that after a whole school challenge and whole school vote, the motto selected was "Give your best, expect success!" as suggested by Phoebe. It has now been immortalised in some new signage...
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