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Caterpillar Class

Caterpillar Class is our nursery class and is led by Mrs Jones.


Butterfly Class

Butterfly Class is our Reception Class led by Miss Convey.


Friday 07/02/20 

Welcome Imogen to Butterfly Class. Miss Convey is very pleased to be back and we are pleased that Miss Terry is back. We have been busy learning about The Gingerbread Man this week and starting to explore addition.

Meerkat Class

Meerkat Class is our Year 1 class and is led by Mrs Innes.





Jaguar Class

Jaguar Class is our year 2 class and is led by Mrs Caselton and Mrs Champness.


Cheetah Class

Cheetah Class is our year 3 class led by Miss Leng and Miss Janes.


Leopard Class

Leopard Class is our year 4 class led by Mr Nanson.




Towards the end of Term 3, we identified the importance of lighthouses, thought about how they were used and how they were made. We made our own models using our knowledge of circuits and also wrote short stories based on the animation ‘The Lighthouse’.

Shannon and Louisa said that it was very tricky making the circuits and one of the boys in class dropped the black paint so it was dripping everywhere which was quiet funny.  Josh was very impressed with the outcome and liked how they put the lighthouses together using a Pringles tube and circuits to make the lights work. 

Josh said he visited Cornwall when he was younger and saw a lighthouse and we discovered that Shannon’s Grandad owns lighthouse too!

Lion Class

Lion Class is our year 5 class and is led by Mrs Wood.



Tiger Class

 Tiger Class is our year 6 class and is led by Miss Taylor.

World Book Day

World Book Day photographs


















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