Class Pages

Caterpillar Class

Caterpillar Class is our nursery class and is led by Miss Sanghera.

Butterfly Class

Butterfly Class is our Reception Class led by Mrs Jones

Meerkat Class

Meerkat Class is our Year 1 class and is led by Mrs Innes.


Jaguar Class

Jaguar Class is our year 2 class and is led by Miss Leng.

Cheetah Class

Cheetah Class is our year 3 class led by Mr Nanson.

Leopard Class

Leopard Class is our year 4 class led by Mrs Wood.

Leopard Class learning about mummification.

Wed 048


Wed 042

Lion Class

Lion Class is our year 5 class and is led by Mrs Champness and Mrs Dhanda.

Y5 Curriculum activities




Tiger Class

Tiger Class is our year 6 class and is led by Mrs Morris.