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Caterpillar Class

Caterpillar Class is our nursery class and is led by Mrs Jones and Mrs O'Malley


Butterfly Class

Butterfly Class is our Reception Class led by Miss Convey.

Butterfly busy fingers 1        Butterfly busy fingers 2

Butterflies have been trying so hard to build up the strength in their fingers by taking part in 'Busy Finger' activities every afternoon. We have been busy taking part in 'Dough Disco' practising our scissors skills as well as our hand writing!

Meerkat Class

Meerkat Class is our Year 1 class and is led by Mrs Innes.

Safari Time!

Year 1 junk     

Year 1 have been on Safari recently and looking at the animals they made in their junk modelling lesson.




Jaguar Class

Jaguar Class is our year 2 class and is led by Mrs Caselton and Mrs Champness.

20150727 195224

Year 2 have been learning about the Great Fire of London this week, we've heard lots of singing and they've done some amazing art work too!

Cheetah Class

Cheetah Class is our year 3 class led by Mrs Lucas.

Stone Age 

PTDC0213      PTDC0208

Cheetah Class had a Stone Age Day.  They invited a representative in from the Guildhall Museum in Maidstone to talk to them about life in the Stone Age and show them fossils and tools that would have been used during that period in time. 

Our Head Children, Chloe, Emily, Freddie and Thomas interviewed the children after their visit and obtained the following feedback:

“My favourite thing was the mammoth’s tooth.” – Ollie

“I liked everything and he took his time to explain things to make sure that we understood. It was very interesting, we saw tools with handles and sculptures too.” – Meltam

“My favourite was the mammoth tooth and it came from the Stone Age and he bought in something from the Bronze Age too.” – Emilia

Star in the Jar


Year 3 have been very creative this week making their own artwork based around the book they have been reading in class 'Star in the Jar' - we've got some budding artists in Cheetah class.

Stone Age Houses


Cheetah class (Year 3) continued there topic of the Stone Age last week and made Stone Age houses - want a fantastic display of work! Well done Cheetahs!


Leopard Class

Leopard Class is our year 4 class led by Mr Nanson.




Towards the end of Term 3, we identified the importance of lighthouses, thought about how they were used and how they were made. We made our own models using our knowledge of circuits and also wrote short stories based on the animation ‘The Lighthouse’.

Shannon and Louisa said that it was very tricky making the circuits and one of the boys in class dropped the black paint so it was dripping everywhere which was quiet funny.  Josh was very impressed with the outcome and liked how they put the lighthouses together using a Pringles tube and circuits to make the lights work. 

Josh said he visited Cornwall when he was younger and saw a lighthouse and we discovered that Shannon’s Grandad owns lighthouse too!

Lion Class

Lion Class is our year 5 class and is led by Mrs Wood.


Kitchen Science

Kitchen science

Year 5 have been looking at separating materials. They started with salt and water, tea leaves and water and peas and water. Why not try some kitchen sink science at home!


Harvest Art

20150701 155039  

Year 5 have been decorating their classroom ready for Harvest – we’re sure you will agree they’ve done a great job of their Harvest leaf art using tissue paper.

Indus Valley Civilisation 

20150701 155017

Year 5 have also created a fantastic wall display connected to their learning around the Indus Valley Civilisation which was a Bronze Age civilisation in the northwestern regions of South Asia. The Indus Valley didn’t use money, they traded goods, so they knew who had traded, the children made clay seals. The seals contained all the information about the individual.

Henry V!!! 

11     12

Lion class continued their work based around the Tudors last week. They produced some amazing portraits of Henry VIII. Well done Year5!

Tiger Class

 Tiger Class is our year 6 class and is led by Mrs Collis.

WW1 Trenches

Ww1 x1

Year 6 have been finding out what life was like in the trenches during World War One. They had a jam packed week of designing, creating, building and painting their trenches in their groups. They've worked hard to add the finishes touches, paying lots of attention to the little details.

World Book Day 2020

We have had Harry Potter, Spiderman, Matilda, Princesses, Mr Men, Mr Stink, Mrs Trunchball, Miss Honey, Little Red Riding Hood and A Giant Strawberry in school to celebrate World Book Day.  The children have had time during the day to share their books and have some quality time reading.  Each child has been given a World Book Day £1 voucher to bring home for when they visit their book store in search of their next read! (more photos will appear on the website shortly)

Thomas, our Head Pupil spoke to many of the children to find out their thoughts about today:

‘I’m dressing up as Mr Bump from the Mr Men. I’m very excited!” – Trey

“I’m Aladdin, it’s been fun to see everyone’s costumes,” – Oscar

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