Head Boy / Head Girl

The positions of Head Boy and Head Girl were established at Temple Mill in September 2015 to provide the opportunity for leading students to lead their peers and develop skills that would work in tandem with their academic skills.  Prefect roles provide further leadership roles for Year 6 students and Team Captains lead on house points and sports.

Head Boy and Head Girl are chosen after completing an application form and interview process involving the Headteacher and Governors.

Poppy             Poppy

I can set an example for the school by wearing the correct uniform and obeying all the rules. I will be an excellent head girl who can set an example for the rest of the school and I can help others and make sure that everyone is happy.

Henry             Henry

I am looking forward to meeting new people that visit our school and sharing my knowledge of Temple Mill with them. I’m proud to be a Temple Mill student and I’m looking forward for the challenge ahead. 


Poppy is our Head Girl and Henry is our Head Boy 

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