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For details of the Members and Directors of The Howard Academy Trust, please click here

Chair of Governors:  Barbara Fincham (contactable via the School Office)


Executive Head:  Mrs Lisa Lewis

Rae Brailsford-Hart (Parent)

Nicola Caselton (Staff)

Paul Chaplin (Co-opted)

Barbara Fincham (Co-opted)

Sue Lamb (Co-opted)

Wendy Rogers (Co-opted)

Ashley Butters (Parent)

Clerk to Governors: Sarah Phillipson

Each Governor is responsible for the monitoring of a key area of the school

Health and Safety, Staff wellbeing and professional development, Health & Safety - Paul Chaplin 

Finance - The Howard Academy Trust 

Safeguarding, SEN, Behaviour and Safety - Barbara Fincham 

Safeguarding, Pupil Premium - Sue Lamb

Scrutiny and Professional Development - Rae Brailsford-Hart 

Curriculum and Pupil Behaviour - Wendy Rogers


Governing Body Composition:

The constitution for the Local Academy Board is:

2 parent governors, headteacher, 1 staff governor, 1 Trust governor and 4 co-opted governors. 

The quorum shall be 3 governors or, where greater, any one-third (rounded up) of the total number of governors of the LAB.


The Local Academy Board will meet at least 3 times a year and otherwise as required.

Members of the Local Academy Board will have at least seven clear days’ notice of the meeting and its agenda, except in the case of an emergency meeting.

The agenda and minutes will be produced by the Clerk to Governors and made available to all members of the Local Academy Board via GovernorHub.

A copy of the minutes, apart from confidential items, will be available in the school office for inspection by parent/carers and staff.

Name Appointed Responsibility Attendance 


Lisa Lewis Executive Head (Primary)


18/12/2019 Board 100%
Declaration of Business Interest Nil    


Nicola Caselton Staff Governor


10/07/2019 Board 100%
Declaration of Business Interest Nil    
Rae Brailsford-Hart Parent Governor 04/12/2015




Declaration of Business Interest Nil
Paul Chaplin Community Governor 18/05/2016






Declaration of Business Interest Robert Napier School: Governor from 2013 to 22 May 2018
Barbara Fincham Community Governor 01/12/2015

Chair Board

Resources Committee



Declaration of Business Interest

Robert Napier School: Governor from 2006

Featherby Infant School: Governor from 1997 until September 2017

Unison member from 1981

Sue Lamb 01/05/2018 Board 50%
Declaration of Business Interest

Medway Early Years Ltd: EYFS Consultant

Chattenden Governing Body 2/10/2019

St Helen C/E Governing Body 02/10/2019

Wendy Rogers 05/07/2019    
Declaration of Business Interest

Kent County Council: employee from 1994

Rochester Museum (Medway Council): spouse of employee from 1998

Thomas Aveling (Fort Pitt Trust): Governor from 2012

Sarah Phillipson                                             01/09/2019    
Declaration of Business Interest  
Ashley Butters                                              01/03//2020  
Declaration of Business Interest  
Owen McColgan,Accounting Officer/CEO, The Howard Academy Trust-Declaration of Business Interest

Inspiring Change MAT: Member

Medway Academy of Performing Arts: Partner

Governors left in the last 12 months
Emma Taylor Head of School  12/02/2019 to 18/12/2019 Board 100%
Declaration of Business Interest Nil  

Deanne Daburn Acting Head of School

08/10/2018 to 09/06/2019

Declaration of Business Interest Son employed at The Howard School
David Giles 18/05/2016 to 10/06/2019

Board 100%





Declaration of Business Interest

Barclays Bank: retired employee

Temple Mill Primary School: daughter Deputy HT from July 2016

MUTC: Chair of Post-Ofsted Group and Governors

Becky Leng 01/12/2015 to  25/06/2018      
Declaration of Business Interest NUT: Member from 2012
Martin McCusker left 13/02/2019

Board 100%

Resources Committee 100%

Curriculum Committee 100%

Declaration of Business Interest NASUWT: Member from Nov 2002; Member of NAHT from Jan 2017
Jon Rye 04/12/2015 to 25/02/2019

Board 50%

Curriculum Committee 75%

Declaration of Business Interest

Bubble & Scruff: Director of Education Agency 

Holcombe Hockey Club: Voluntary  Chairman/Director

All correspondence should be directed to Mrs Barbara Fincham, Chair of Governors, c/o Temple Mill Primary School