About Us

About Us

Welcome to Temple Mill, where we are endeavouring to create a caring, friendly and inclusive environment that allows children to achieve all they can.  We are privileged to have such wonderful children at Temple Mill and we will always aim to ensure that every child gets nothing less than the very best they deserve.

As a school we are moving along on a journey of change and improvement.  The school still has challenges to face but we have the staff in place with the dedication, professionalism and ability to carry the school forward on that journey. 

There are 8 classes in school, from Nursery to Year 6, we have over 200 pupils on roll from Year R to Year 6 and over 30 children access the nursery provision, either full time or part time.

We believe we have an exciting curriculum, this is a creative curriculum where all subjects (except maths) are linked to a question and an outcome, inspired by inquisitive learning and dedicated to producing a valued and substantive outcome at the end of each term.  All year groups send out a newsletter at the beginning of term detailing the question they are investigating and the learning that will entail.

I have belonged to many organisations and workplaces in my life and have always taken pride and believed in what they were trying to achieve.  I don’t believe you can be part of any organisation without believing in what they are trying to do.  Therefore I am hoping to keep communicating the vision for moving the school forward and keep communicating the reasons for the decisions we make. 

We want each and every pupil and parent to say the Temple Mill name with pride and it begins with the basics.  Attendance, punctuality, uniform, civility and politeness, a warm welcome and of course incredibly high standards of belief in how much your children can achieve academically and as young people.

If you would like to know more about our school you are welcome to come and visit.  At Temple Mill our children very much enjoy talking about their progress and their pride in being part of the Temple Mill family.